Powder Coated Aluminum Windows Color Guide

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What are the different colors for powder coated aluminum windows?

  1. Basic Shades
  2. Vibrant Styles
  3. Polished
  4. Metallic 
  5. Textured

For powder coated aluminum windows, the color may vary depending on the end-user’s preferences. You can choose from different designs that can match your building. You don’t just have to limit yourself to a single color if you waant to take the design of your aluminum window profiles up a notch.

The best thing about powder coating styles is that they all enhance the look, feel, and durability of your aluminum windows. Colored powder coating also has a number of benefits — it makes the windows longer-lasting, better resistant to corrosion, and more attractive once installed. 

Although some customers may prefer the design of bare aluminum alloy, the powder coating option gives them a chance to explore other styles and textures. If you need any of your aluminum windows powder coated, make sure that you get it done by a trusted powder coating service provider like AMC Aluminum. Find different colors like grey, metallic, bronze, white, red, silver, and the like. Continue reading to learn more. 

Basic Shades

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If you’re just starting out with designing your aluminum windows, you’d certainly want to stick to basic colors that aren’t really too overwhelming. You have the freedom to choose which shade matches your building well — be it a residential space, high-rise building, or a low height development. 

Depending on the availability of the colors, you can find basic styles like red, pink, blue, beige, grey, yellow, violet, orange, and many more. These shades are best paired with some of AMC Aluminum’s finest-grade sliding windows like the AMWSD or the B600 series. 

Although the colors mentioned above are simple, they can easily make your windows pop up better. These colors don’t fade away, unlike the typical paint coated, so you can make sure that your windows will stay sturdy and colorful for a long time period. 

Vibrant Styles

Basic-colored powder coatings appear more subtle and neutral in tone. But if you’re looking for something livelier, then you may want to dive into other vibrant styles that you can mix and match. 

Vibrant styles can really bring out the sophistication of your aluminum windows with the brightness and awe-inspiring looks that they give off. Try veering into colors like bright red, cyan, neon, sky blue, hot pink, or fiery orange. 

These designs are perfect for those who want to incorporate more fun into their space. For example, if you want to spruce up your retail establishment’s aluminum windows, a dash of these stylish vibrant colors that are easily noticeable will definitely be the key. 


Textured surface

Aluminum is one of the most versatile alloys that you can find in the market. Manufacturers and fabricators of this material implement different methods to not only retain these properties, but also provide an enhancement to aluminum’s surface.

Although the polished design can also be achieved with powder coating, you can also do away with the powder coat. Instead, you can let your manufacturer conduct polishing techniques to make your aluminum windows sleeker and cleaner to the look and touch. 

In the aluminum window extrusion process, there may be some minor defects to the appearance that may be difficult to spot. This is where the polishing method comes into play. It acts as a post-processing technique that primarily involves sanding of the aluminum window. The result is a traditional, yet shiny finish that still holds up well despite external conditions. 


Metallic colors are arguably some of the most popular options for aluminum windows. In fact, almost any powder coating color that you find in the market has its own metallic equivalent. 

Metallic powder coating applications typically come in steel, gold, silver, bronze, or brass. Even if you can’t really have gold-rimmed windows or silver windows, these metallic designs are almost the real deal. However, they truly shine when they’re hit by a ray of sunlight. Keep this in mind when you’re planning on strategic locations to install aluminum windows in your structure.

Aside from those styles mentioned above, you could also choose metallic equivalents of your favorite basic or vibrant color. Choose from different versions like metallic blue, copper yellow, steel green, golden black, and many more.


Photo of a building with aluminum windows

Some customers actually prefer the rugged look of bare or unpolished aluminum. While this may occur naturally, powder coating suppliers have also found a way to manually achieve this by creating modifications on the surface of the aluminum windows.

Similar to your metallic designs, the textured shades can also accompany your choice of color. These designs both have functional and decorative properties, especially when it comes to the stability of your windows.

Textured designs appear grainy in texture. The coarse or rough-edged feel also adds to the appeal, particularly if the customer prefers toned-down and more natural finishes. But apart from this, the textured powder coating also gives the windows a bit more traction, allowing them to adhere better to any location they’re applied in.

Key Takeaway

In powder coated aluminum windows, color options can vary. First, you’ll need to come up with an idea of which type of design seems to suit you better. Then you can confirm with your powder coating supplier if they have the color that you have in mind.

Nevertheless, you can play around with different colorways that have a metallic, basic, vibrant, or polished appearance to them. If you’re looking for the right company to answer all your powder coating needs, simply check out AMC Aluminum’s range of products and services. You may also contact us here for more information about our aluminum powder coated windows.

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