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When it comes to aluminum windows in the Philippines, there’s no better place to turn to than AMC Aluminum, the leading aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines. Over the past few years, AMC Aluminum Manufacturing Corporation’s state-of-the-art engineering and technology have revolutionized spaces through our fine and versatile collection of sliding windows. It has become the go-to pick for most residential and commercial projects in the country!

Aluminum Windows by AMC Aluminum

Need help in picking out the perfect aluminum windows in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place. With AMC Aluminum, you are given expansive options. You can find features to cater to your specific needs. We have five options for you to choose from. Scroll down to read more about our sliding windows section!

AMWSD Series

First on this list is an AMC Aluminum innovation proudly made in the Philippines! The AMWSD allows you to assemble with ease! Save yourselves the time from sawing because these sliding windows are puncher-ready! Worried about rains and storms? Don’t fret, the AMWSD is also equipped with top-notch a top-notch drainage and rubber seal.

798 Series

Take your windows up a notch with the 798 series by AMC Aluminum! These aluminum windows in the Philippines prove that there’s room for both style and functionality. With the 798, you get a slimmer design and screen capability without additional perimeter thickness. It is sleek and simple, perfect for residential spaces. Apart from that, this series is structured to be easily assembled, and has an added water drainage hole design that makes your space leak-free! You can even choose its Triple Rail Version for a security screen, screen thicker, and a detachable insect screen.

WSD Series

When it comes to simplicity the WSD series is your best pick. With the WSD, you get all the all-time classic design plus all the best features of aluminum windows. This is also a perfect pick if you want to lower down your project cost. This selection by AMC Aluminum is budget-friendly. It is widely used today for single or two-floor houses and in offices!

BS600 Series

If you want to level up your space, the premium features of the B600 series should be at the top of your list. It is a heavy-duty single sliding window that rolls in both directions. It even has a special block type locking system for extra security. Additionally, it is perfect for minimalistic aesthetics!

900 Series

Looking for aluminum windows for your commercial spaces? The 900 series up-scales all the features of the 789 series. It holds bigger profiles that can achieve a larger window and door designs. It is also equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism and multi-wheel rollers for added efficiency. You can even get your hands on it as early as possible. This is selection is proudly extruded in the Philippines.

Choose AMC Aluminum for Superior-Quality Aluminum Windows in the Philippines!

State-of-the-Art Engineering

When you’re looking for the perfect windows for your space, there’s no better option than aluminum. It meets all the requirements you need for your space and more. If you’re looking to find the best aluminum windows in the Philippines, turn to AMC Aluminum! We have been servicing homes and commercial establishments for over 20 years now. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate with you on your next project!

State-of-the-Art Engineering

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