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Explore the reliability of AMC's top aluminum profiles, where quality meets your construction and architectural needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures durable, versatile solutions for every project, making us your trusted source for premium aluminum profiles.

Aluminum Profiles

At AMC Aluminum, we perceive windows and doors as the gateways to your world. Elevating aesthetics and embodying lasting durability and precision, our aluminum profiles redefine the essence of design and functionality.

Need A High-Quality Aluminum Profile in the Philippines? Choose AMC Aluminum!

For over 20 years, AMC Aluminum has consistently satisfied clients and customers with high-quality aluminum products and services.

Using innovation and state-of-the-art engineering, we have been able to manufacture different series of aluminum profiles in the Philippines without compromise. Fit for residential or commercial applications, you won't look anywhere else to find premium aluminum profiles.

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Superior Quality

Our aluminum profiles are made from ISO grade quality billet extruded in the newest Taiwan machinery.

20 Years of Expertise

We are aluminum experts with over 20 years of experience in the full aluminum production process.

Customer Care Guaranteed

We value each of our customers and is committed towards customer service excellence.

Timely and Reliable Deliveries

Whether it's by truck or ships, we commit to timely and reliable deliveries nationwide.

What makes a good aluminum profile in the Philippines?

If you’re thinking about buying an aluminum profile in the Philippines, you need to make sure you’re buying only high-quality profiles from AMC aluminum, the country's leading brand of aluminum profiles.

Run by a team of professionals, we ensure that each of our aluminum profiles has the mark of excellence and satisfaction. Our wide array of profiles makes the best choices for awnings, door sections, window frames, sliding windows, or even industrial applications.

Exceptional Quality

You’ll find no other company which exhibits exceptionalism in their aluminum products. Our aluminum profiles make use of only the finest-grade aluminum on the market. All our aluminum profiles are durable, meaning they’re able to enhance the quality, stability, and appearance of windows, doors, or virtually any structure you can come up with.

Timely and Reliable Deliveries

You may already be familiar with standard aluminum profiles, like the T-shaped and the Y-shaped. However, we don’t just stop there — instead, we go the extra mile by incorporating innovation into each of our aluminum profiles for many types of applications.

For our sliding windows, you can choose from AMC Aluminum very own AMWSD Series, BS600, or SD Series, which brings out the traditional appearance of vintage aluminum windows. We also have other low-cost aluminum profile options for contemporary door sections or commercial applications — each of which has been engineered to do the job they’re meant for.

Wide Variety of Finishes

You’ll never run out of options on our aluminum profiles. Each product can be adjusted and customized according to your preference. Not only would you be able to take advantage of sturdiness, but you’ll also have the benefit of choosing from a limitless pool of finishes.

Whether you prefer the industrial and contemporary appeal of aluminum, or you want your aluminum profiles to have a splash of color, we’re equipped to make it happen for you. Here at AMC Aluminum, you can opt for sleek, natural, or bright colors. Our powder coating services are available for any aluminum profile or extrusion products you purchase from us.

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