The Top Aluminum Manufacturer in the Philippines

The Top Aluminum Manufacturer in the Philippines

The demand for aluminum is constantly on the rise. Why? When it is alloyed with other metals, it offers a wide range of uses. Such a precious element requires meticulous production processes to achieve the highest quality. Only a few can truly claim that they are the best aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines, and one of them is AMC Aluminum.

Aluminum is a highly versatile material. It is used for common items such as soda cans and kitchen appliances as well as for bigtime industrial materials such as aircraft parts and building construction. Its resistance to corrosion and durability makes it even more ideal to work with.

If you happen to be on the lookout for the top aluminum supplier in the country, choose AMC Aluminum.

The Top Aluminum Manufacturer in the Philippines
Why Choose AMC Aluminum

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

AMC Aluminum Manufacturing Corporation is the leading aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines. Our company has an expansive product portfolio ranging from the Jaloucoat®, powder-coated aluminum finishes, sliding windows, awning & doors, to industrial and construction sections.

What makes AMC Aluminum the best choice? Read on!

Superior Quality

As the top aluminum manufacturer, we ensure that each product offered adheres to nothing less than superior quality. We pride ourselves on our quality management system that is supported and certified by ISO quality standards.

Each aluminum product we manufacture is shaped with top-notch Taiwanese machinery. At AMC Aluminum, we provide not only wide-ranging selections of aluminum-manufacturer, but we also create them with high-grade materials. We provide superior-quality aluminum aluminum-manufacturer both in standard and customized specifications.

to bolster the strength and design of our product lines. At AMC Aluminum, you can rest assured that we will continue to explore ways to provide you with a true aluminum experience.

Years of Knowledge & Expertise

Aluminum manufacturing is a meticulous process that requires extensive knowledge and years of expertise. The key to being recognized as the best aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines is to make high-grade quality products.

At AMC Aluminum, every product goes through a detailed manufacturing process in order to better provide your aluminum needs. Beginning from the moment of raw material production to aluminum extrusion, our local manufacturing plants pay careful attention throughout the whole process. Every AMC Aluminum team member is ensured to be equipped with full knowledge of the entire aluminum production process.

Our 20 years of experience in the industry demonstrates our dedication to constantly carrying on our mission of providing clients with what matters most to them – expertise and quality.

Excellent Customer Service

At AMC Aluminum, we make sure to cater to every customer’s needs. Our competitive advantage has been built upon the trust of our clients.

We value each client with excellent customer service. Our passion for exceeding customer’s expectations characterizes who we are and why we do what we do.

Taking up the notch of prioritizing the reliability of our brand, we provide after-sales services in order to come up with efficient solutions for your products.

Prompt and Reliable Deliveries

We strive to maintain our reputation for providing the best service in the industry. It is our team’s leverage that we deliver timely and reliable products. Whether by ship or truck, we will ensure we supply you across the country.

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

Aluminum Profiles

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

Our product line is characterized by a wide range of options for aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles we craft are the go-to choices for awnings, window frames, door sections, sliding windows, and even industrial and construction parts.

For awning sections, we have the 38 Series, 50 Series, and WYC Series. Each one features a unique design. If you’re opting to use a classic casement profile, the WYC Series is perfect for you.

But, if you’re looking for a more easily fabricated aluminum awning, the 38 Series can be installed with different designs without sacrificing the rubber weather seal. On the other hand, the 50 Series is the bigger version of the 38 Series – it can hold larger glass dimensions.

As for door sections, the ED Section, Alco Section, and Premium 75 Series are available for your entryways. Each of the frames is easy to use and has a high-end design.

For sliding windows, you can choose from our options of the AMWSD Series, BS600 Series, 798 Series, and much more. We have several aluminum options that are fitting for modern designs and commercial applications.

In the industrial and construction section, you’ll find the standard T-type and Y-type modular profiles. But, we also go the extra mile by providing you with Louvers, Curtain Mullions, Tubing, and Standard Profiles.

The best part about our aluminum profiles? You won’t find yourself running out of finishing options. Each of our aluminum finishing touches can be matched to the specified taste of the customer.

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

Powder Coated Aluminum Finish

Why Choose AMC Aluminum

With our powder-coated aluminum finishes, it doesn’t matter if you need sleek-looking aluminum profiles or brightly colored ones. Simply tell us how you want your extruded products customized so we can adjust them with our range of colors available. Experience the benefits of powder coated aluminum windows in the Philippines.

As the leading aluminum manufacturer, we ensure that we utilize only the best machinery. At AMC Aluminum, we use ISO machines from Taiwan to deliver high-grade powder-coated aluminum profiles. We even add another layer of corrosion and scratch protection to ensure that your product won’t be damaged during delivery.

About 798 Series

The Jaloucoat®

About 798 Series

There’s no doubt that a top-notch aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines will incorporate innovation into its core mission. We at AMC Aluminum stay true to our belief in integrating innovation into our products.

The Jaloucoat® is a patented powder-coated aluminum version of the UNO Jalousie. Don’t worry about the quality, we didn’t sacrifice the highly durable aluminum product equipped with a lock-in mechanism.

When we crafted the Jaloucoat®, we recognized the need for an aluminum profile that has a consistent color and texture that would not fade.

Choose AMC Aluminum: The Leading Aluminum Manufacturer In The Philippines

When it comes to sourcing for the most versatile metal in the country, choose AMC Aluminum. We continue to exert our best efforts to satisfy our clients by constantly delivering superior quality aluminum aluminum-manufacturer.

With over 20 years of expertise and our constant drive for innovation, we have enhanced our cut above the product line. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and processes, AMC Aluminum is the top aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines.

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