5 Design Ideas for Aluminum Windows

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What are some aluminum window designs?

  1. Single-Door Sliding Window
  2. Large Sliding Window
  3. Multi-Point Lock Window
  4. Small Awning Window
  5. Large Awning Window

When it comes to aluminum windows, the design is important. There are different types of manufactured windows that each have specific features. Nevertheless, they’re still a great addition to any kind of residential or building space because of their versatility. 

The aluminum material is aesthetically-appealing. Its metal finish can give off any space with a premium appearance that you won’t find when you use wood, plastic, or other components. More than that, aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable. They provide you with the best value for money when it comes to strong and easy-to-install window types that won’t break the bank.

Looking for different aluminum window designs? AMC Aluminum’s classic and innovative profile windows can surely transform any structure. From single-door, multi-locked, to unique awnings, these windows are just what you need. Check them out. 

Single-Door Sliding Window

The single-door sliding window is a perfect choice because of its convenience. It makes it easier for you to open and close your windows without the danger of having loose objects, or damaged components that you’ll find with other materials.

AMC Aluminum’s BS600 sliding window series, in particular, comes with thick aluminum profiles that create a smooth and seamless rolling motion. It features a top and bottom rail that can fit snugly and securely to your window openings. Its lockstile is also made using high-quality aluminum that can prevent the entry of unwanted external elements into your structure’s interiors. 

Powder-coated with a sleek black color, this window can be best complemented with modern, or contemporary style buildings that want to incorporate a more premium and luxurious feel

Large Sliding Window

Large-sized windows are more economical compared to their small counterparts. This is because they can be installed in one go without extensive use of other installation materials that can be expensive. Another reason is that large sliding windows can provide a great source of natural lighting and ventilation for any interior — you’ll definitely be able to save up on electrical utility costs with one of these windows.

The large sliding window 900 Series by AMC Aluminum, while still retaining all the distinct features of their BS600 window, is significantly larger and is designed for taller structures, window spaces, and door designs. Its thicker profiles are more compact and hard-wearing compared to your typical sliding window. 

Featuring smooth rollers and an innovative slope design, the 900 Series is a suitable option, especially to protect against rainwater and other liquid substances that may seep through an interior. 

Multi-Point Lock Window

Acumaster Multi-point Lock Window

Most aluminum windows in the market are equipped with only single locks. They may be more cost-effective, but they aren’t necessarily the most stable and secure design. There’s still a chance that single-lock windows won’t be effective at keeping liquid or debris from heavy wind drafts from the inside of a structure. 

In this case, your structure could definitely do better with a sliding window that’s equipped with a multi-point lock system. Aside from being able to keep environmental elements from entering any given space, AMC Aluminum’s Premium 75 Series window also provides any building with an additional layer of security that’s unique for its type. 

The light aluminum material also helps you save space, as it allocates only a small area. It’s also far easier to install due to aluminum’s lightweightness, but it’s still able to withstand sudden, and high rail impacts that may affect the shape. 

Depending on your preferences, AMC Aluminum can help you apply different-colored powder coatings to come up with vibrant window finishes. Or you could also stick to bare aluminum to get that classic, shiny surface.

Small Awning Windows

You’ve probably tried closing your windows one rainy afternoon — only for your clothes and your house’s floors to get soaked. This situation is especially common among older windows that are made of steel. After some time, the steel could begin rusting and corroding, especially when its surface is not coated with any other material. This makes it difficult for the joints and frames to easily slide, and in some cases, they get stuck.

Unlike in steel windows that usually come in casement window types, awning-style aluminum window openings are far less prone to corrosion, even in different kinds of weather. These weather-tight windows from AMC Aluminum’s 38 Series provide better protection over casement windows. 

While both casement and awning windows open outwardly, awning windows are configured in such a way that they open from an upward and downward motion as opposed to the left-right motion in casement or crank windows. Awning window types give you better shade and protection, especially when closing it in the sweltering heat, or heavy rain conditions. 

Large Awning Window

As the name suggests, these windows from AMC Aluminum’s 50 Series are significantly bigger in size compared to the 38 Series. They still retain the classic features of the typical aluminum awning window — particularly the moulding squares, moulding slants, and panel profiles that are distinct for its style.

Due to its size, the 50 Series is ideal for structures that require larger windows. The 50 Series can support large glasses that can increase the visibility and ventilation of any space. With this in mind, they can be suited for use across different types of high-rise buildings that are going for modern and contemporary designs for interiors and exteriors. 

Key Takeaway

Aluminum windows and their design can affect how well they’re being applied in different structures. For example, some windows have a built-in multi-lock system — this means that they’re suited for high-security buildings or even small residential homes to better protect the inner structures. On the other hand, unique designs such as the awning window have proven to be better compared to casement or crank-type windows. 

Nevertheless, all of these aluminum windows from AMC Aluminum can help you produce sleek and stylish looks for any structure. You could even use these windows in combination with one another to achieve the desired appearance.

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