Powder Coated Aluminum Finish

About Powder Coating

Powder coating is a surface treatment done to give aesthetic colors and added corrosion protection to aluminum. Using ISO Taiwan-made machine, 3 stations of quality checking including the micron, punch, and scratch test, the powder coated aluminum profiles are delivered to you with superior quality.

Each powder coated profile produced is also protected by a special protective film to ensure that your profiles will not be scratched during delivery and fabrication.

If you're wondering how powder coating is done, check out this post.

Powder Coated Aluminum Windows

Powder-coated aluminum windows are the premium choice for many homeowners. There are tons of finishes to choose from in the industry but powder coated windows offer the most bang for your buck. AMC Aluminum promises superior quality aluminum profiles from the latest Taiwan machinery.

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Powder Coating Benefits

It gives a wide array of consistent and bright colors to make your home of office more beautiful.

We make the coating thick, ensuring that the paint will not peel or chip off.

The production process is environmental friendly and not hazardous.