The Benefits Of Aluminum Sliding Windows

The Benefits Of Aluminum Sliding Windows

What are the benefits of aluminum sliding windows?

  1. Space Maximisation
  2. Easy to Maintain
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Strong and Durable
  5. Suitable for Many Designs
  6. Economical

Looking to upgrade or replace the windows in your house? If that’s the case, then you’ve likely considered aluminum sliding windows as a possible choice for your new installations. Aluminum’s mechanical properties make it a favorable choice for homeowners and architects alike, and sliding windows have a lot of advantages too — but what exactly are the benefits of aluminum sliding windows, and why should you pick them? Read on to learn why!


Space Maximisation

Space Maximisation

While it is possible to build all window styles out of aluminum frames, one of the most common and pragmatic choices is sliding windows. 

For many homeowners with limited floor space, installing windows in small rooms can be difficult. Vast arc-space is required for traditional hinged windows, which some rooms simply don’t have. Using hinged windows can interfere with furniture placement and make a small room feel cramped.

Luckily, aluminum sliding windows do not have the same issue. With their sliding mechanism, arc-space is not a requirement. Instead, the sliding window’s minimalist frame places windows in panels adjacent to one another, allowing your window to stay flush against the wall even when open. Thus, you can easily maximize what space you have — you can even put furniture right next to your window and enjoy beautiful views unhindered. 


Easy to Maintain

Constantly cleaning and maintaining things in your home can be time-consuming and — let’s face it — a giant hassle. No one wants to spend hours of their weekend attending to home maintenance.

Luckily, dealing with dirt and stains on your aluminum sliding windows is much easier than other options, Cleaning can be effortless — you don’t need harsh or specialized chemicals to clean aluminum. Simply use a damp cloth and a cleaning agent occasionally to make your sliding windows as good as new.  

And, maintenance is uncomplicated. All your aluminum sliding windows just need adequate lubrication to operate smoothly. A few sprays of WD-40 or a similar lubricant on the sliding rails every few months is all you need.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Depending on what kind of windows you have, your electricity bill can fluctuate and cause strain on your wallet. Some materials aren’t great for insulating, while others may be ill-fitting — both negatively affect your electricity efficiency. This is because these windows allow cool air to escape through the frame, forcing your air conditioning to work overtime to cool down your room. 

A common misconception is that using metal frames can absorb heat and make your home warmer — but that’s not the case for aluminum. When it comes to energy performance, aluminum window frames offer great insulation. Combine your sliding windows with double-glazed window panes, and your heat loss can be cut significantly. Using aluminum sliding windows can help you lower your energy bills without any big lifestyle changes on your part.


Strong and Durable

Spending on new installations on your house is moot if they don’t last long. Costs can pile up if your windows need replacement and repair constantly. Sadly, several environmental and weather factors can cause damage to your windows — especially if they are made with the wrong material.

One of the most common problems with poor window materials is swelling due to moisture. This happens when there is increased humidity and makes it difficult to open and shut your windows. Plus, there is the risk of glass breakage and the frame disintegrating or rotting. Other issues that can happen to other window materials are corrosion, flaking, and termites.

As aluminum is a metal and one of the most durable construction materials available, it is less susceptible to these common problems. With quality coating and construction, your aluminum frames will not corrode, flake, or rust. Moreover, it is completely pest-resistant. And, it does not absorb water, which means there is minimal chance of rotting or swelling. Aluminum sliding windows are a durable and strong choice, especially for homes located in humid regions.


Suitable for Many Designs

Suitable for Many Designs

Bulky, complicated windows can be unsightly on your home. But with aluminum sliding windows, you get a minimalist look that doesn’t subtract from the beauty of your home’s exterior. They’re thin, functionally perfect, subdued, and offer great, unobstructed views of the outside.

If you’re worried about your aluminum sliding windows looking too “industrial,” or think they won’t fit with the aesthetics of your home, don’t fret. Aluminum sliding windows are available in a variety of styles and shades. Aluminum is an easy metal to work with, so any customizations you need can be done quickly.

Using anodization and powder-coating techniques, you can change the industrial gray of regular aluminum to colors like white, yellow, blue, and many more. Plus, you can choose a number of finishes — check with your aluminum window supplier for their complete color and finish options.


Key Takeaway

Aluminum sliding doors are undeniably one of the best choices for your home — they’re easy to maintain and customize, they’re energy-efficient, and get you the most value from your investment. 

But like with everything else for your home, getting the most benefits from your installation can only be done when working with a trusted supplier — like AMC Aluminum. We are the top aluminum window supplier in the Philippines, and take every step in providing exceptional aluminum products. Contact us today to learn more about our products, and how we can help you transform your spaces.

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