Why Aluminum?

aluminum pathway


Due to its high tensile strength, aluminum can bear the weight of a larger glass surface area as compared to other frame materials. With our powder coating, an added shell of weather-resistant protection boosts our product lifespan for up to 20 years.

Through persistent product enhancement, we are able to offer a more aesthetic take on our products that allows for a border-less design that is sleek to the touch. We extend this experience with our selections of aluminum window frames, door frames, and curtain wallings.

Upon choosing among our customizable selections, these can be tailor-made from a variety of options on color and design down to the type of finish, anodized or

powder coating. Each option has its own unique features and distinctive characteristics.

We are one with you in ensuring that we reinforce the strength of our products, and we are invested in dedicating our time to guarantee that you have your own personal touch to them. As we continue to explore more products, we commit to staying borderless to provide you with the true aluminum experience.


We are constantly looking for new opportunities to mitigate the amount of hazards our employees and clientele are vulnerable to in the interest of our initiative to ensure that all our stakeholders are accounted for.

Operating processes are much safer for employees as they are not susceptible to exposure of toxic substances that may merit significant health risks, allowing us to downsize on occupational hazards. On the other hand, we are confident that we are adept in affording protection to your safety by alleviating the risk in the case of fires. Our products can withstand relatively high temperatures and do not pose noxious emissions or residue that are inherent to other materials.


The brand recognizes the advantage of aluminum as an infinitely recyclable material on account of its capacity to function to its maximum potential. This is made possible given that it undergoes the appropriate processing that our manufacturing plant provides.

Through aluminum recycling, we are more capable of negotiating the energy expenditure that goes into the process by preserving and maximizing the natural renewable energy of aluminum. By taking advantage of aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, we are able to scale down on the deep-seated implications of raw alumina extraction.

Complying with our standards for sustainability presents us with the opportunity to support the local economy. We are able to offer you more economically sound products as well.

As with our initiative to be mindful of our ecological footprint, we pride ourselves as a brand that is inclined to pursue ecologically responsible and sustainable choices to preserve the natural resource that is at the core of what we represent — aluminum.

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