8 Ways To Make Your Old Windows More Energy Efficient

8 Ways To Make Your Old Windows More Energy Efficient

What are ways to make windows more energy-efficient?

  1. Clean the windows and its surroundings
  2. Apply caulk or weatherstrips
  3. Install aluminum awnings
  4. Use blinds, shades, curtains, or drapes
  5. Put on a window tint
  6. Replace with double-glazed glass
  7. Repair broken windows
  8. Upgrade to energy-efficient window frames

No home is complete without some windows — but they can be the biggest cause of energy inefficiency in a home, particularly if they’re on the older side. If you don’t take steps to address this, you’re at risk of making your cooling or air conditioning units work harder, which ends up costing more on your energy bills.

But, with a few simple steps, you crack down on energy-sapping drafts and scorching solar heat. Here are eight ways to make your old windows more energy efficient and save some money on your home utilities


Clean the windows and their surroundings

Clean the windows and their surroundings

Cleaning is the first step to take to ensure that your further efficiency-boosting efforts are successful. And, thorough cleaning of your windows could reveal other problems affecting energy efficiency that you may have missed. 

Start by rinsing down your windows with some water. You can then follow up with a cleaning solution made with 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water, and apply this with a sponge. However, we recommend following the general cleaning guidelines for your type of window. Spray and wipe away all the debris, grime, and dirt before drying it all up with a clean cloth or some old newspapers.


Apply caulk or weatherstrips

Most older windows have warped or become somewhat damaged over time — creating areas where they are not sealed well. These gaps can let cold air escape and let heat in, which puts pressure on your cooling systems. Finding and sealing these gaps may help your windows become more energy-efficient. 

Caulking and weatherstripping are inexpensive and easy solutions to gaps in your windows, and they last longer when applied properly — from 5 up to 20 years. Use caulk to seal gaps on non-movable parts of the window (such as the frame), and weatherstrips on the movable parts of the window. 


Install aluminum awnings

Install aluminum awnings

Awnings are a great option for reducing the amount of light and solar heat your windows are exposed to — especially during the summer. In fact, awnings can reduce the heat that enters through your windows by up to 65%. 

Of all the types of awnings, you can install — cloth, vinyl, plastic, metal — the best for energy- and cost-efficiency are aluminum awnings. These are lightweight, durable, and especially effective at reflecting heat and light away from your windows. 

There are many options to choose from: individual to large-form awnings, contemporary powder-coating colors, and more. If you’re unsure which sizing and color are best for your home, a local manufacturer like AMC Aluminum will help you determine the best, money-saving solutions.


Use blinds, shades, curtains, or drapes

This is another inexpensive option to improve your windows’ energy efficiency. Thick and insulated window blinds, shades, curtains, or drapes can absorb the heat coming in from your windows, and prevent them from heating your home. And, they come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll be able to shop around for the best option for your home interior. However, the downside to this is that they block out the view from your window — especially in warmer weather when you need to keep them drawn to insulate your home. 


Put on a window tint

Put on a window tint

Window tints are cost-effective and renter-friendly solutions to energy inefficient windows. These add another layer of insulation to the glass and come in several designs. The most common ones have a slight dark tint to them, though there are options for transparent and translucent tints. But, these need to be applied with a careful and steady hand, as they can look messy and unattractive otherwise. 


Replace with double-glazed glass

If your windows still use single-pane glass (which is common in older windows), then you need to consider replacing or upgrading it to double-glazed — or triple-glazed glass, if you can spring for it. These kinds of window panes use two layers of glass, which are separated by a layer of air. This helps add insulation and keep cold air in, and warm air out. And, it also reduces noise from outside and indoor condensation. 


Repair broken windows

Repair broken windows

Older window frames — especially those made from wood — are prone to damage and decay over time. If damaged, then it’s likely that these window frames are letting cold air seep out from your home. You must inspect your window for damage to determine whether they are repairable to fix your energy problem.

Check the condition of the paint, varnish, and surface of the window frame. If most of it is intact, then you could reapply protective treatments to protect it from further damage. Or, you could ask a professional to use splicing and other repair techniques to improve the efficiency of your window frames.


Upgrade to energy-efficient window frames

However, you may find that some (or most) of your old window frames are beyond repair. If so, you’ll want to replace them ASAP to avoid higher energy bills. 

When upgrading your window frames, go for a material that is known for its energy efficiency — like aluminum. Installing aluminum window frames can be more cost-efficient than replacing the entire window, and can go far to improve the efficiency of your homes. Plus, they’re sleek, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain, so they’re likely the best option for you if you need new window frames.


Key Takeaway

There are many ways to make your windows energy efficient — which don’t take much time or money but still make a big impact on your energy consumption. 

But, some windows are just too far gone for most of our tips to work. If you require better, energy-efficient windows for your home, you should consider upgrading to aluminum windows from AMC Aluminum! We are the best in aluminum manufacturing in the Philippines, and create our products using state-of-the-art engineering. Send us a message here to learn more about them, and how we can help you and your home.

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