3 Types of Aluminum Awnings

3 Types of Aluminum Awnings

What are the different types of aluminum awnings?

  1. Standing Seam
  2. Step Down
  3. Flat Pan

Awnings are sheets of material that are extended outside of homes and buildings. Many homeowners gravitate towards aluminum material since it’s a lightweight, easy installation option. There are even different types of aluminum awnings for you to choose from.

But what are awnings? These are the permanent fixtures that are installed over windows, doors, walkways, and even patios. Once set up, they equip the space with extra material that protects you from the sun’s glare, UV rays, rain, and wind. It can also block light from entering the house, protecting delicate pieces of furniture that may be inside.

There are many materials used to make awnings, from fabric to metal to aluminum. Fabric awnings can give a very stylish and cozy look, yet it can be troublesome once rain and snow hit. That’s why metal and aluminum awnings have grown in popularity. They’re able to provide the protection you need without worrying about the outside elements.

Awnings can be used as an extended lounge space where you can set up patio furniture. It can also be a space to keep your muddy shoes and bikes during the wet season.

This article tackles the different types of aluminum awnings you can have installed in your residential home or commercial space. Aluminum is a type of metal that can be shaped to different styles and gives space a modern finish thanks to its structure.

Standing Seam

A standing seam awning consists of aluminum frame shells that are interlocked with several aluminum panels. You’ll distinguish it from kinds of awnings with its steep diagonal shape. It’s known to be durable enough to protect against different kinds of weather.

Aluminum is a lightweight yet durable option that can have different finishes and styles. Standing seam awnings give a clean and modern aesthetic while providing people with a sturdy overhead cover.

This can be used as a window & door awning, architectural canopy, and even a walkway or patio cover. You’ll usually find this style along walkways and commercial buildings. It’s sometimes added to homes to give it a modern touch.

When it comes to cleaning this awning, it’s very low maintenance, only requiring it to be hosed down every month to avoid dirt build-up on its surface.


Step-down awnings are traditional wedge-shaped awnings and are used to cover different entryways like your patio, entryway, and porch. It’s defined by its corrugated structure along with its slope. This gives it even more protection against stronger weather elements like winds, snow, and rain.

This is an excellent option for protection against elements all year round. During the summer, step-down awnings protect from direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It can also reduce the temperature of your home by a few degrees on hot days.

You can have this installed in front of your house or commercial buildings. Many neighborhoods have step-down awnings, giving their houses an extra homey feel. It is also used in front of storefronts. This gives customers a bit of shade before entering the premises, or a longer step-down awning can provide an extended outdoor dining space.

Flat pan

Flat pan

A flat pan awning is a strong and stable awning that acts as an extension of your roofline. This type of awning is known to be very durable. It also provides your home with a modern look once installed. As you can tell from its name, this awning is laid out horizontally with posts on its other side.

Like other awnings, this provides your home with an extended shaded space that is protected from different weather conditions. Its material allows it to be coated in different colors to match your house. You’ll see this kind of awning over carports, walkways, and patios. It can provide you with extra living space when set up over your patio.

What sets this aside from other types of awnings is its built-in gutter system. This will be able to drain water quicker and more efficiently. It is also low maintenance when it comes to cleaning thanks to its gutters. You’ll just need to hose down its gutter and make sure gutters are unclogged to avoid any problems.

Key Takeaway

Awnings were made to offer extra protection to your home. These started out as fabric canopies, but later on developed into sturdier materials. Today, it comes in many styles and types you can choose from for your home. Many choose to go with the different types of aluminum awnings because of their lightweight yet durable material.

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