Top 7 Industrial Uses of Aluminum

Top 7 Industrial Uses of Aluminum

What are the top industrial uses of aluminum?

  1. High-rise establishments
  2. Consumer electronics
  3. Window and door frames
  4. Industrial and household appliances
  5. Power lines
  6. Spacecraft components
  7. Land and sea vehicles

Almost everyone in the industrial sector has seen and even used aluminum in their projects. They’re used to make various components of high-rise buildings, constructions, electronics, and even vehicles. You can find aluminum-made products and establishments everywhere. Aluminum is a popular material because of its preferable physical properties.

But, what are the industrial uses of aluminum? This blog discusses its abundance of beneficial properties, and why aluminum is widely used for industrial goods. Keep reading!

High-rise establishments

High-rise establishments

Known for its versatility, intense strength in weighting ratios, and malleability, aluminum is the soul of every high-rise establishment today. It’s also designed for flexibility and it’s more durable compared to other materials, which makes it the ideal material for anything from fittings to railings to louvers.

And, thanks to its conductivity, it’s a great material if you want a building to be energy-efficient. Aluminum is often used for wall cladding/paneling, ventilation, and heating and cooling systems for this reason.

Often, projects will prefer to use aluminum instead of steel thanks to its affordability and lightweight. Steel, in comparison, would require more building foundations which will give additional expenses in the long run.

Consumer electronics

Did you know that our smartphones have aluminum? Today, electronics companies are including aluminum in their tablets, flat-screen televisions, computer monitors, and other electronics products.

For this industry, it’s all about practicality and beauty. The metal they use should not only be durable and energy efficient but also pleasing to look at. Aluminum’s reliability meets sophistication, which consumers enjoy. Today, these qualities are very important for the electronics industry. It helps with every company’s goal to produce high-quality gadgets and appliances that meet the consumers’ standards.

But what about other common enclosure materials? Compared to plastic, aluminum is much stronger and more reliable to use. Steel, on the other hand, doesn’t have the skill to absorb and release heat as efficiently as aluminum can, which leads these companies to rely on the latter instead. And they’re successful with it.

Window frames

Window frames

Offices and homes today are selecting aluminum frames over other materials. First, because it’s the most cost-effective option for them. Second, it’s durable enough to make high-quality window and door frames.

Another great quality of aluminum that makes it fit for this purpose is that it’s a relatively low-maintenance metal while also being very weather resistant. And, it’s also much less expensive and longer-lasting compared to other common materials, such as wood. It’s a win-win option for window and door frame providers.

If you’re building a home and thinking about what your window and door frames should be made of, choose aluminum since it’s very reliable, and can last your home for decades without any problems.

Industrial and household appliances

If you check your refrigerators and air conditions, you’ll notice that it has aluminum panels or enclosures. But these are not the only appliances in your home or office that use this silvery-white, lightweight metal.

Aluminum, as we mentioned, is very energy-efficient. This makes it a great material for any appliance that uses a heating or cooling process. Aluminum is ideal for holding certain temperatures, too, which helps in creating the efficient refrigeration that modern refrigerators need today.

Your dryers, dishwashers, and other appliances also have aluminum frames for a better-looking design and style.

Power lines

Having better conductivity than copper, aluminum is also widely used for wiring power grids. This includes the local power distribution lines and power transmission lines. Another added benefit to using aluminum for this application is its strength-to-weight ratio.

It’s extremely light, yet durable and tough. This makes it the ideal metal for making high-voltage overhead power lines, as aluminum helps to reduce weight while supplying good conductivity.

Perhaps the most important benefit to using aluminum in this field is that aluminum alloys have excellent corrosion resistance. Thus, power lines stay in commission for much longer despite adverse weather conditions.

Spacecraft components

Aluminum has all the ideal properties that a spacecraft must have: strong, flexible, and light. As aluminum fabrication develops and advances, it becomes increasingly used in this field. Isn’t it cool?

Aluminum is commonly used as a building material for space shuttles, and related equipment and components. However, the aluminum used in this application is highly specialized alloys — which are specially fabricated to deal with the sub-zero temperature conditions encountered in the freezing vacuum of space.

Land and sea vehicles

Land and sea vehicles

When it comes to manufacturing a vehicle, the benefits of aluminum in this application are similar to the previous — they’re valued for their ideal strength-to-weight ratio. Plus, it’s a quickly manufactured material that’s 100% recyclable, so it’s readily available and affordable for vehicle manufacturers.

Using aluminum for this purpose is not only affordable for manufacturers but also helps improve the safety and durability of a vehicle without sacrificing fuel economy and performance of the vehicle.

When it comes to ships and boats, aluminum is also a common material. As we mentioned, aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance — some alloys even offer enhanced abilities in this area. This makes it a great material for resisting the humidity, salt, and water that sea vehicles are constantly exposed to.

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Key Takeaway

There are other industrial uses of aluminum, and these are some of the most common. As such a versatile metal, aluminum can be found in just about any industry and sector that you can think of.

Here at AMC Aluminum, we can supply all of your aluminum products and accessory needs. So if you’re looking for the best aluminum supplies for your homes, buildings, and other purposes, message us today!

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