How is Aluminum Powder Coated? Here are the 5 simple steps

aluminum pre treatment bath

Maybe some time in your search of aluminum whether as a hobby or a business you have wondered how aluminum is powder coated or what is the powder coating process in general. Here are the 5 basic steps including how we deliver your superior quality aluminum profiles.

1. Pre-treatment bath

The first step is for the aluminum profile to undergo a pre-treatment bath to remove unwanted particles such as dust and grease. This is a crucial step to make sure that the surface is clean for maximum powder paint adhesion.

2. Powder coating spray booth runs through the aluminum profiles

The aluminum profiles will through an electrostatic powder coating spray booth. This is where the actual painting job is done. The powder will bond with the electrically grounded profile with a positive charge.

3. Aluminum is cured in the oven until powder is uniformly applied to the surface

For the powder paint to stick, the profiles will go through the curing oven where the oven bakes the paint into the aluminum, coating the profiles evenly.

4. Cool off the item and undergo quality checking

After the oven, the aluminum profile will be cooled down and will undergo quality checking to see if the paint is evenly. In our quality checking, several tests such as the scratch test, punch test, and microns test are done for to check paint surface thickness and adhesion.

5. Aluminum goes through the machine attaching the protective film in every-side so item is not scratched or damaged upon delivery and fabrication

Afterwards, the aluminum profiles also go through a machine attaching the protective film, a special film adhesion tape that will not cause powder peel off after fabrication. The purpose of the film is to prevent scratches and other damages during delivery, fabrication, and installation.

That’s it! The 5 simple steps. But if you want to know more about powder coated aluminum profiles, the colors available and what are its other strengths, feel free to give us a call at 7255-7738 and get a quotation from the best aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines.

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