8 Reasons to Use 798 Series Profile Aluminum

May 7, 2022

What are the reasons to use 798 series profile aluminum?

  1. Prevents water leakage
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Comes with an easy to install and easy to clean insect screen
  5. Easy to slide
  6. Sound-insulated dense strip design
  7. Sleek design
  8. Thicker screen

Sliding windows are a staple in any type of property. Whether it’s a modern residential or commercial estate, sliding windows are used to allow for natural light sources, enhance curb appeal, and improve energy efficiency. There are many types of sliding windows that one can install for their property. However, there are several reasons to use the 798 Series profile aluminum. Read on.

Extruded by the top aluminum window supplier in the Philippines AMC Aluminum, the 798 Series is engineered to be sleek, functional, and easy to install. This series heralds the next-generation of sliding windows.

Prevents Water Leakage

If you live in the Philippines, thunderstorms can cause easy build up of rainwater in just a few hours. Sliding windows may add more natural light to your property and provide picturesque views, but heavy rainfall can pose serious water leakage problems for them. Water build-up can reach the window’s framing and damage its sliding mechanism.

Fortunately, the AMC Aluminum 798 Series profile has a multi-step elevated sill design that prevents water leakages. It also has a drainage hole. This also prevents discoloration, making maintenance less tedious for homeowners. In addition, this sliding window is improved with better water sealing to drive away the rain.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Aside from having a drainage hole that prevents water build-up damage and discoloration, the 798 Series profile aluminum sliding windows also comes with a maintenance-free exterior that can resist different harsh elements. At AMC Aluminum, we offer aluminum windows with powder coating finishes to prevent corrosion.

Easy To Assemble

The 798 Series aluminum sliding window is easy to assemble because it has fewer profiles needed. To be exact, only 6 profile sections are needed to fabricate the 798 Series profile aluminum. One does not need to hire a professional to install it. Its top and bottom rail are the same. The sliding window’s double head, sill, and jamb are also adaptable whether with a screen or without a screen. Lastly, it is a DIY-friendly sliding window because it is puncher-ready.

Comes With An Easy To Install and Easy To Clean Insect Screen

If you want to prevent annoying pests from invading your property, then the 798 Series profile aluminum is the best choice. This sliding window comes with an easy-to-install, detachable insect screen. You no longer have to buy a separate screen just to keep insects like mosquitoes out.

The 798 Series’ insect screen is durable as well as easy to clean. Simply detach the screen and spray it with water. Then, brush it with a soft bristle and rinse with mild soap. Rinse the screen once more and let it dry before reattaching it to the sliding window.

Easy To Slide

Easy To Slide

Are you tired of buying sliding windows that are difficult to slide open and close? Switch to the 798 Series! Designed with top and bottom plastic guides, closing or opening this window into place has been made easier.

Sound-Insulated Dense Strip Design

The problem with many sliding windows is that they become the entry point of disturbing noise from the outdoors. If you often hear noise from the street or your neighbors, then you can try soundproofing your windows. You can easily buy materials to make soundproofing possible. However, this usually can be costly.

When you use the 798 Series profile aluminum, however, you won’t need to invest in a separate soundproofing material. This sliding window is designed with a sound-insulated dense strip to block out noise.

Sleek Design

Sleek Design

Are you a property owner that pays close attention to aesthetics? Not all sliding windows sold in the market come with a beautiful design. But, the 798 Series profile aluminum has a sleek finish perfect for contemporary buildings. It comes with a slim framing, making it ideal for modern residential spaces. You can choose from different 798 Series profile aluminum colors like white and black.

Thicker Screen

If you prefer using aluminum windows with a thicker screen, then the 798 Series is a perfect choice. Its Triple Rail Version comes with a security screen, a thicker screen option, and a detachable insect screen.

Key Takeaway

We’ve rounded up eight reasons to use 798 Series profile aluminum. There’s no other sliding window in the Philippines that can provide you better value for money than this selection due to its easy maintenance, water leakage resistance, soundproofing features, insect repellant features, easy installation, and sleek design. Contact AMC Aluminum to order now!