What are the Different Types of Aluminum Windows in the Philippines?

March 30, 2021

What are the different types of aluminum windows in the Philippines?

  1. 798 Series
  2. SD Series
  3. 900 Series
  4. Premium 75 Series
  5. BS600 Series
  6. AMWSD Series

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a fresh new set of windows, choosing from the various aluminum window types in the Philippines can be challenging. There’s just a wide range of options, that you’ll probably wind up not knowing the features about each. This is why before you make a purchase, understanding the different types and features of each window can help you buy the perfect one for your home, warehouse, or building. 

In the Philippines, you can buy your windows from the leading aluminum profile maker and supplier, AMC Aluminum. From their selections, you can opt for standard sliding window profiles or even awning windows that are suitable for any contemporary building. Durable, high-quality, lightweight, and long-lasting, these aluminum windows are the preferred choice for a sleek and stylish structure. Read on to learn more.

798 Series
Acumaster's 798 Series Aluminum Window

For DIY home improvement projects, you’ll need an aluminum window that meets your requirements — easy to install, yet can stylishly complement the rest of the elements of your home. You also want to make sure that the window is effective at its job of preventing leaks and keeping interiors fresh and well-ventilated. 

With this, you may want to check out the 798 Series from AMC Aluminum that is ready-made for beginners and seasoned home improvers alike. The 798 also arrives in a triple-rail version that sports a hard-mesh security screen — perfect for keeping insects and debris out from your home. This window has been designed to provide easy installation, as it contains only a few extruded profiles. Thinner than most aluminum windows in the market, the 798 offers the most bang for buck when it comes to avante garde aluminum windows. 

SD Series

Staying true to its classic roots, the SD Series is everything you’re looking for in a basic, yet ultra-functional aluminum window. This is the one for you if you’re trying to find budget-friendly options, without sacrificing on the quality. While this window is ideal for low-cost homes and buildings, you can also install it even in modern buildings and have it powder coated in a color or shade of your choice. 

The SD Series sports a single-rail design, making installation much simpler. It also features a double sill with a screen, which aids in keeping out moisture and debris from seeping inside a building. 

900 Series
900 Series by Acumaster

The 798 Series also comes in large-format and a more premium design — the 900 Series. Made with distinctively longer profiles, this window type is ideal for larger doors and windows. Think of a beach-front-style house or a modern villa. 

Unlike the SD Series which comes only in a single-rail design, the 900 can also come in a triple-rail version for added security. It features a lockstile, interlocker, and a hard mesh security screen which ensures that your aluminum windows are secured inside and out.

Although the 900 Series comes in bare, but a vibrant metal shade, you can also have it powder coated to achieve different surfaces, be it shiny, matte, or metallic. 

Premium 75 Series

Looking for a high-end aluminum window and door all-in-one? You’ll definitely love what the Premium 75 Series has to offer. Like many of AMC Aluminum’s state-of-the-art windows, the Premium 75 is compact, as it comes in only four profiles. And as the name suggests, the premium finish makes this window blend in perfectly well with other modern elements of your state-of-the-art building.

With only four profiles, you won’t have difficulty installing the set of windows and doors that come with the Premium 75. This allows for easier transport and inventory management, especially if you’re supervising a large-scale project. Despite its expansive size, this window surprisingly takes only a few steps to put together, providing your building with excellent soundproofing, impact resistance, and ventilation after installation, made possible by its built-in special security screen.

BS600 Series
BS600 Series by Acumaster

Built with thicker profiles, but with all the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum, the BS600 is heavy-duty and premium in every way. It provides optimal resistance against sudden impacts, made possible by the thick-walled aluminum profiles that were used in manufacturing. 

Surprisingly, the BS600 is also cost-friendly — this sliding window is made with only four aluminum extrusions that make up the head, jamp, sill, bottom rail, top rail, lockstile, and a fixed interlocker that’s unique for sliding aluminum windows. Try out this window if you want to bring more value to your barebones building with its specialized locking and seal system, all in a simple, yet effective design.

AMWSD Series

Do you have old aluminum sliding windows at your home and building, but just can’t seem to find a sturdy replacement? After all, new sliding windows can be costly since you have to cut and modify them according to the existing window opening.

Fortunately, the AMWSD is made for cheaper aluminum window replacements. This window fits perfectly well with your previous window stocks — you don’t have to spend time-consuming activities in modifying your old sliding windows. Apart from that, the AMWSD Series also AMC Aluminum-patented with improved water resistance and better sealing for all-around protection.

Key Takeaway

The different types of aluminum window in the Philippines offered by AMC Aluminum are classified into the SD, AMWSD, BS600, 798, 900, and the Premium 75 series. All of these aluminum windows are versatile, but each of them has distinct features that make them perfect for low-cost homes, two-story, or even high-rise buildings. To choose the window that’s right for you, make sure that you check out each of their advantages, design, as well as, security properties.

Learn more about AMC Aluminum Manufacturing Corp products here! You may also contact them for more information, or to request for a quote.