5 Advantages of Jaloucoat Aluminum Windows

5 Advantages of Jaloucoat Aluminum Windows

What are the advantages of Jaloucoat aluminum windows?

  1. They can withstand erratic weather and heat
  2. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly
  3. They are more durable
  4. They have long-lasting powder-coated finishes
  5. They are more affordable and locally available

Jaloucout aluminum windows are the special, powder-coated version of the classic jalousie window. Using this coating to innovate the jalousie window has improved its qualities when used for homes or commercial buildings. 

At AMC Aluminum, the reputable supplier of powder-coated aluminum profiles and accessories in the Philippines, we have years of experience in manufacturing Jaloucoat aluminum windows for our customers. 

Many homes and businesses now enjoy the many advantages of Jaloucoat aluminum windows from us. But, let’s know a little bit more about what Jaloucoat aluminum windows are first. Read more below!

What Is Jaloucoat Aluminum Windows?

AMC Aluminum’s Jaloucoat aluminum windows are a powder-coated version of Jalousie windows. With the competitive manufacturing of Jaloucoat aluminum windows, we make sure that our product has undergone intensive quality control checks and has thickness and color consistency. By holding our Jaloucoat aluminum windows in your hand, you’ll immediately feel their difference from other windows. 

In addition, Jaloucoat aluminum windows are made with a powder-coating process that is used to fuse an item’s surface for a smooth coating. The powder used has a series of plastic polymers such as polyurethane, epoxy, pigments, and acrylic, and then the powder is baked in a curing oven.

Once set, the powder creates a protective, tough layer that makes our Jaloucoat aluminum windows more durable than other windows.

Advantages of Jaloucoat Aluminum Windows

Jaloucoat aluminum windows have consistently increased their popularity throughout the years as they not only look sophisticated and modern, but also offer impressive security, durability, and flexibility. Find out the advantages of our Jaloucoat aluminum windows with our list below.

They Can Withstand Erratic Weather and Heat

They Can Withstand Erratic Weather and Heat

Jaloucoat aluminum windows do not impair over time even with our country’s erratic weather of the dry and wet seasons. By using these windows for your homes, you’ll achieve improvements both in heat loss and heat gain through windows for up to 60 percent when combined with a thermal break. Thanks to the polyamide technology, which has improved the performance of Jaloucoat aluminum windows to entirely new levels to provide many advantages to homeowners and business owners seeking a type of window that can withstand weather and heat.

They are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Jaloucoat aluminum windows of AMC Aluminum are non-toxic and eco-friendly so they will not emit dangerous fumes in case of fire. In fact, they are one of the easiest types of windows to recycle since their frames are made from aluminum, making them the perfect choice for those looking to be more eco-friendly and lessen their carbon footprint. 

Even using these windows in your home is eco-friendly. Jalousie window vents are designed to help naturally cool any room they’re installed in. This is because their shape allows lots of fresh air, which can help with cooling. 

Their frames are made of low-heat conductive metal, which helps them avoid overheating when exposed to sunlight. These have natural energy-saving features that are helpful to our environment.

They are More Durable

Plenty of house owners and business owners are looking for high-quality and durable aluminum windows. Luckily, our Jaloucoat aluminum windows provide just that. Aside from their sturdy frames, they also have a locking mechanism to avoid any water leakage, especially during the wet season. 

Our Jaloucoat also extends its already long lifespan, as it is highly resistant to external weather elements. They’re also maintenance-free due to their corrosion-resistant and anti-rust properties. Furthermore, they also do not need any annual polish since they can easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

They Have Long-Lasting Powder-Coated Finishes

Jaloucoat aluminum windows use a special finish called powder-coating. This creates a protective barrier that shields your windows from the elements and prevents quick deterioration. It is ideal for outdoor applications, and also much more effective and reliable compared to other window finishes. 

They are More Affordable and Locally Available

They are More Affordable and Locally Available

Compared to wooden windows, our Jaloucoat aluminum windows are so affordable that many of our customers opt for them. They offer an economical alternative for both household and commercial use. 

Moreover, we make sure that we use affordable and easy-to-manufacture materials to make them a cost-effective alternative for windows. Plus, we do it all right here in the Philippines, so you can quickly and easily order them for your home or building! 

Key Takeaway

Your building deserves powder-coated windows that can last for many years. It may sound impossible for some, but there’s a window that can withstand extreme weather while being highly affordable — and that’s our Jaloucoat aluminum windows!

Now that you know the advantages of Jaloucoat aluminum windows, then you might be interested in ordering them. If so, contact the best aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines: AMC Aluminum here. Send us a message, and we’d be glad to give you a quote or more information on our aluminum windows and services!

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