The Different Types Of Aluminum Accessories in the Philippines

The Different Types Of Aluminum Accessories in the Philippines

What are the aluminum accessories in the Philippines?

  1. Hardware parts
  2. Rubber sealings
  3. Auxiliary parts

Aluminum profiles can be made into a variety of products — including accessories that allow you to build limitless designs and ideas. From DIY projects and home improvements to industrial applications, there are many roles and applications that aluminum accessories in the Philippines can fulfill.

When we talk about aluminum accessories in the Philippines, we refer to three product categories: hardware, rubber seals, and auxiliary parts. These products are offered by the best aluminum supplies — like AMC Aluminum. In this post, we dive into our catalog of aluminum accessories, their uses, and how they can benefit you.


Hardware parts

Hardware parts

Hardware parts are the components of larger aluminum products — such as windows and doors. They are made from different aluminum profiles and are in charge of the connection and transmission of moving aluminum pieces. They are essentially the heart of aluminum windows and doors. Below are the aluminum hardware parts that we carry.


We offer rollers, whose main function is to allow doors, windows, and partitions to slide smoothly along a rail system. Without this aluminum accessory, you would have a difficult time opening and closing these things. AMC Aluminum sells the following roller models:

  • Window rollers – We carry the standard 798 and 900 aluminum profile rollers. These can be used for both window and door applications. 
  • Blue Rollers — Made from 798 and 900 aluminum profiles and durable plastic enclosures. We offer single, double, and bearing formats — all applicable for heavy-duty use.
  • SD Nylon — A nylon-type roller. Offered in white color, and single, double, and bearing formats. 
  • SD Steel — A steel-type roller. Offered in plain steel or gold finish, and single, double, and bearing formats.



They provide function and security to aluminum windows and doors. At AMC Aluminum, we offer different styles and models of locks, which are usable on various window and door types. We currently offer the following locks in different sizes, grades, and colors: 

  • Glass lock – Recommended for display cabinets or showcases with glass doors. Available in single and double lock types. 
  • Flush lock — offers good security for sliding windows and sliding doors. Available in an anodized finish or black and white coating. 
  • Center lock – Made with 798 and 900 aluminum profiles. Available in short and long formats, and white, brown, black, or Anodized colors. 



Handles are one of the most frequently used hardware parts in any property. They’re used to open and close doors, windows, storage units, and much more. Because they have to endure so much use, AMC Aluminum offers handles of good quality and durability. We also offer different types and designs, such as:

  • Cam Handle — Made with the 38 aluminum profile series, they’re recommended for aluminum casement and awning windows. Available in white, brown, and black coating. 
  • Cam Handle with keeper (701 and 703) – Made with the 701 and 703 aluminum series. It features a lock that keeps the sash in a closed position using a keeper mechanism. Recommended for aluminum casement and awning windows. Available in black, brown, and white coating. 
  • Cam Handle with keeper (WSD) – Similar to the previous, except made with the WSD aluminum profiles series. These cam handles are durable and long-lasting.
  • Samson Handle — Ideal for screen doors (particularly those made with plastic). These are easy to mount, easy to maintain, and come with complete mounting components. Available in satin, white, and brown.
  • H-handle — Used for glass doors, they are easy to install and feature a stainless and shiny finish that makes them the perfect addition to your doors. 
  • Bended Handle — Made with powder-coated aluminum and an ergonomic grip, they are the recommended handle for screen doors. Available in anodized, white, and brown finishes. 
  • Plastic Handle — A window and sliding door handle made from plastic. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use due to its sturdiness.
  • Pneumatic door closer — Features dampers that control the operating force and speed of the door. They come in elbow-type formats and white. 


Rubber sealings

Rubber sealings are high-performance products that create a flexible yet durable bond or seal. These resist expanding, cracking, and hardening despite environmental factors. They are used in various applications, such as in between the glass and aluminum components. Below are AMC Aluminum’s collection of rubber sealings:

  • GP Sealants — They are used to prevent dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering a space or surface. They come in a variety of colors. Our GP colors are black and brown, while our DOWSIL and SEASTAR colors are in clear, white, gray, brown, and black. 
  • Rubber with red lock — They’re specially designed window seals for cars, and help keep out dirt and debris from your vehicle. Durable and easy to shape.


Auxiliary parts

Auxiliary parts

The auxiliary parts that are used for aluminum products are for stabilizing the assembly and improving their overall performance. These also include miscellaneous aluminum profiles that can be used in a variety of ways. AMC Aluminum currently carries the following auxiliary parts for our aluminum products:

  • 1×3 Hinges — Ready-to-install hinges for your aluminum doors and windows. We carry brown, chrome, and white-finished hinges.
  • 4 Bar Hinges — These come in various sizes: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”. Our bar hinges can be used in either center or side-open formats.
  • Interlocker — Used to connect and coordinate moving parts in your aluminum windows. We offer black-colored interlockings made with 798 and 900 aluminum series. They come in interlocker top/bottom and lock stile top/bottom formats.
  • Stucco — Sheets of aluminum stucco that can be used for screen doors and plastering. We carry brown, white, and anodized stucco that can be cut and designed to your preference. 


Key Takeaway

When it comes to aluminum accessories in the Philippines, AMC Aluminum is the best supplier! We carry a wide range of accessories that are perfect for your aluminum windows and doors. If you require such products, contact us here today. We have over 20 years of experience supplying and servicing homes and commercial spaces with only the highest quality aluminum accessories. 

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