What Are The Different Types of Aluminum Surface Treatment

aluminum surface treatment

There are about 4 types of aluminum surface treatments namely the following:

1. Anodizing

anodizing aluminum surface treatment

Anodizing is done by dipping the aluminum profiles into acid electrolyte bath chemicals and then passing an electric current. It is an electrochemical process that creates an oxide layer on top of the aluminum for surface corrosion protection and design finishes. It can come out in different color finishes but AMC Aluminum specializes in the standard silver finish.

2. Analoc or Analok

analoc aluminum surface treatment

Analoc or sometimes spelled as Analok is a type of anodizing process that results in a black-brown finish found to be aesthetic by many. It’s a famous color here in the Philippines but because of its environmental consequences, it is not highly recommended.

3. Powder-coating

Unlike the analoc, powder coating is environmentally safe process where aluminum is first chemically treated and then sprayed with our high technology funnel spray booth that doesn’t leave the air and our planet unclean. It is more durable, weather-resistant and has a more even color finish. To know more about our powder coating process, click here.

Because the analoc or analok finish is highly desirable but not eco-friendly. Here at AMC Aluminum, we have innovated aluminum solutions that can solve this problem.

4. Wood Finish or Wood Grain Aluminum

Ever saw an aluminum that look like wood? That aluminum has been surface treated in the wood finish process. The process involves two simple steps. First, the aluminum is powder coated with a base coat with the same powder coating process of electrostatically charged adhesion. Then, the aluminum undergoes a sublimation process where the wood pattern film is wrapped, and then cured in a high temperature oven.

wood finish aluminum surface

Voila! Here we now have aluminum that looks like wood!

We have different powder coated aluminum products like powder coated aluminum windows in the Philippines. If you want to know more, kindly leave a message in our contact form.

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