The Jaloucoat

About Jaloucoat

Exclusively AMC

The Jaloucoat is powder-coated version of the renown UNO Jalousie. Since the trend of the powder-coated aluminum profiles, we recognize the need for color in the original Jalousie has innovated the Jaloucoat.

It has undergone the same quality control check, has consistent thickness and color. Just hold the Jaloucoat in your hand and you'll feel the difference. Contact us for a 4-blade sample!

The Jaloucoat also comes in three colors and to know more, give us a call at 7255-7738. Not convinced? Click here to see the 5 reasons to choose Jaloucoat.

Note: Jaloucoat is a patented product of AMC Aluminum and is only manufactured by AMC Aluminum.

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