5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Over UPVC

5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Over UPVC

What are the reasons to choose aluminum over UPVC?

  1. Aluminum is ductile
  2. Aluminum is recyclable
  3. Aluminum is an excellent electricity and heat conductor
  4. Aluminum is a lightweight material
  5. Aluminum is an ideal material for reflectors

Aluminum is widely used by different industries and products while Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) is commonly used for windows and doors. With the strength and comparison of these two, there are a few aspects that need consideration. 

In this blog, we’ll specify the reasons to choose aluminum over UPVC and show you why aluminum is still the best common material solution for construction engineers today. But first, what is aluminum and UPVC? Continue reading this blog to find out!

What are these materials?

Aluminum is a type of metal that can be extruded, machined, welded, and soldered which makes for many businesses and construction professionals to use it other than any material such as carbon fiber. 

Secondly, it is also cost-effective and very compromising to use at an affordable price. In addition, aluminum’s manufacturing process is faster compared to carbon fiber which has a slow and more than two manufacturing processes which makes it so expensive.

UPVC, on the other hand, is a kind of lightweight plastic material often used in building. It is also known as rigid PVC. One product made from this plastic are windows and door frames.

Reasons To Choose Aluminum Over UPVC

Aluminum, as we mentioned, is often the better choice for certain building materials. This is so because of the following good reasons: 

Aluminum Is Ductile

Aluminum Is Ductile

One of the great properties of aluminum is its ductile and has a low melting point and density as well. And as previously stated in this blog, it can be manufactured in different ways. 

This characteristic allows it to be easily formed, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of metal products. Whether you need tubes, wires, sheets, foil, and so on, aluminum can be used to make them. 

UPVC can also be reshaped into other forms, however, it’ll take time for you to reshape it compared to aluminum which is easier to form into different kinds of metal products.

Aluminum Is Recyclable

Aluminum Is Recyclable

Fortunately, aluminum is a 100% recyclable product and recycled aluminum is highly similar to new aluminum. This means that it does not lose any of its great properties, even if it goes through the recycling process multiple times. 

Therefore, it is a much more cost-effective source material for running production because it only requires a little energy of 5% to produce a primary metal that’s needed in the recycling process. 

UPVC is also recyclable, however, once it is recycled to form new products for windows or doors, they are sold for an expensive price.

Aluminum Is An Outstanding Electricity And Heat Conductor

Compared to UPVC  which is prone to sashing, rupturing, and sagging because it’s not made as strong as aluminum, aluminum can resist both temperatures because it is an excellent electricity and heat conductor. 

That’s why many industries are using aluminum as their first choice material in making sturdy windows and other products. Moreover, aluminum is also useful for many applications that need heat to be dissipated quickly, such as with LED lights and computer motherboards.

Aluminum Is A Lightweight Material

Although UPVC is also a lightweight material and can be melted up using specific profile machines, it takes years for many fabricators to learn the process because it’s not easy, unlike aluminum which has a fast melting process due to many demands from the customers. When you use aluminum for vehicles, its lightweight material helps to reduce energy consumption and dead weight while increasing load capacity. Thus, it also offers non-noise and outstanding comfort levels for vehicles.

Fortunately, aluminum’s strength can be adapted by modifying the composition of its alloy for more optimum formability of its strength which makes aluminum ideal for windows, doors, automobile body sheets, and so on despite its lightweight material.

Aluminum Is An Ideal Material For Reflectors

There’s no doubt that aluminum is a good reflector of light and heat with its lightweight property making it the most ideal material for reflectors such as rescue blankets and light fittings. 

UPVC is not resistant to UV light over a period of time as it causes its color to fade and its finishes to become dull. So, UPVC is not an ideal material if exposed to the elements, and if aesthetics are important for your building.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we got into the top five reasons to choose aluminum over UPVC. Although it’s okay to use UPVC, aluminum profiles tend to be the better choice in many construction projects. Aluminum is also extremely useful for many applications. 

Now that you know how beneficial aluminum is over UPVC, it’s time to take advantage of this material for your project.

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