Cargill Sliding Door


The Cargill is a multi-sliding door that creates a panoramic view from the inside of a home. This was developed to complement the house interiors and elevate household safety.


Max Dimension: 2500 H x 1300 W (Per Panel)

Panel Width: 72 mm

Perimeter Width: 50 mm

Perimeter Depth: 93 mm

Profile Thickness: 1.4 -1.7 mm

Finish: Powder Coated

Max Glass Thickness: 10 mm

Max Glass Weight: 38 Kgs

Note: Perimeter Width will vary on number of Panels per Window/Door.


Color Available


Super White

matte black

Matte Sandy Black


Dark Stone Gray

Why You Should Choose AMC Premium Collection

Exceptional Durability

The extruded aluminum profiles have a remarkable strength ensuring longevity and resistance against corrosion, weathering, and other environmental factors.

Precision Engineering

AMC Aluminum's local  extrusion facility employs cutting-edge Taiwanese technology guaranteeing precise and consistent aluminum profiles.

Customization Options

The extruded aluminum profiles can be tailored to fit various architectural styles and design preferences, offering a range of sizes and finishes to match diverse aesthetic needs.

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek and modern design achieved through precision extrusion and powder-coated finishing, elevates the visual appeal of any space.

Why You Should Choose AMC Premium Collection

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