7 Modern Aluminum Window Design Ideas

7 Modern Aluminum Window Design Ideas

What are some modern aluminum window designs for your home?

  1. Lots of glass and minimalist frames
  2. Bold-colored frames
  3. Picture windows
  4. Skylights or high windows
  5. Bay or bow windows
  6. Corner windows
  7. Window walls

Windows are permanent fixtures in every home. Not only do they offer light and ventilation, they’re also key design elements that add beauty and charm to every room in the house.

Windows can also add character to a place, be it a sense of antique style or a modernized look and feel. Here are some modern aluminum window design ideas to inspire your space:

Lots of glass and minimalist frames

Lots of glass and minimalist frames

If there’s one thing you might notice about modern windows, it’s that a lot of them have expansive glass—lots of unbroken, clear glass looking out into the world—and minimalist, undecorated frames. 

While these two characteristics aren’t quite a rule of thumb (you can still have a modern-looking house without them), there’s no doubt that they provide that neat and clean aesthetic that many modern homes aim for.

In choosing your windows, you’ll be faced with a number of options for glass panes, frames, locks, and handles. Make sure you furnish your windows with high-quality materials from suppliers you trust so that they don’t get damaged easily.

Bold-colored frames

Color is one way to add vibrancy and cohesion to a space. They add a burst of life to boring spaces and variety to monochromatic homes. Adding and diversifying colors is also a way to make certain elements in a view stand out.

Windows don’t have to blend seamlessly into the background—let them be the center of attention with frames in bold, striking colors that still complement your walls or furniture for a look that’s undoubtedly modern and reminiscent of an interior designer’s dream. This is possible through powder-coated aluminum window frames!

Picture windows

Picture windows are called that way because they usually have large, stationary frames and face an outdoor view, creating a sight that reminds you of a stunning landscape caught in a picture frame. 

Perfect for houses overlooking scenes of nature, these windows turn the outdoors into a key focal point of your home. Since the “picture” is ever-changing, your guests will never run out of things to look at and talk about as they peer through the glass.

Skylights or high windows

Sometimes, window placement matters just as much as color and style. For example, placing a window on the roof or a slanting part of the ceiling is a nice way to let in the sun’s rays and give people a different view of the house’s interior. Granted, not many of them will be looking through that window in the daytime, but at night, strategic placement can put the window right underneath the stars.

You can achieve a similar effect by installing high windows, especially if your house’s walls are tall. These windows cast light upon different areas of the house depending on the sun’s placement in the sky at that moment, so you can always add curtains or blinds to keep your house from heating up too much.

Bay or bow windows

Bay windows and bow windows combine three or more windows that angle out from the wall of a house. While bay windows usually consist of a picture window in the middle of two smaller windows at each side, a bow window looks curved due to the fact that it’s composed of multiple windows placed side-by-side.

Not only do these windows add a touch of whimsy to your modern home, they’re also perfect for letting in more natural light and providing a more panoramic view of the outdoors. Just the kind of windows any modern house needs!

Corner windows

Corner windows

Perhaps one of the most modern ideas on this list, the corner window is a far cry from your traditional window style. 

Corners are usually the unused parts of your home, but not anymore once you install these windows. Now they become conversation areas, or places to set up a small office or workspace, due to the light they let in.

Window walls

Finally, if what you want from your modern design is to let in as much light as possible, there’s no better option for you than the window wall—an entire wall (or walls) made of glass and minimal framing. 

Window walls turn any room of your house into a sunroom, letting in the light and making you feel one with the outdoors. They even double as doors if you use sliding windows instead of stationary ones.

Key Takeaway

A modern home needs modern windows, since windows are such an important facet of any house, condominium or building. We’ve given you a few ideas for modern aluminum window designs, and we hope you can use these ideas in designing your windows for the future.

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