Customization Options for Awning Windows

Customization Options for Awning Windows

What are the customization options for awning windows?

  1. Type of awning window
  2. Size and openings
  3. Hardware and accessories
  4. Glaze
  5. Flyscreen type


  • Awning windows provide better ventilation and safety, and they add style to a property.
  • Various types include clear awning windows, cross grille awning windows, top row grille awning windows, and traditional grid grille awning windows, each adding a different style to the windows.
  • AMC Aluminum offers a diverse range of awning windows and emphasizes meeting specific needs and preferences to enhance the quality of properties.

There are many benefits of awning windows. They are stylish solutions that allow for better ventilation and safety of individuals inside the space. With many variations available in the market, choosing one that truly fits your property can be difficult. That is why many suppliers ensure that they have customization options for awning windows.

This service is not only a testament to their expertise but also strengthens customer relationships. To maximize this assistance from your trusted supplier, here are a few options to consider when customizing your window unit.

Type Of Awning Window

Type Of Awning Window

Understanding the types of awning windows is important to ensure you install the perfect unit. This is because they add to the overall atmosphere of your property. Here are some examples of awning window types you can find in the market:

  • Clear awning window: It does not have any obstructions to the view.
  • Cross grille awning window: It has a cross-like pattern made from narrow bars.
  • Top row grille awning window: It has a grid-like pattern at the top of the glass.
  • Traditional grid grille awning window: It has a grid design that separates the glass per panel.

These different styles are founded on the existing narrow bars, adding style to your windows. The most popular today is the clear awning window. This is because it is mainly used for modern and contemporary designs. It offers a sleek design that matches the preferences of many designers and clients.

If you’re looking for more of these clean-lined windows, you can look at AMC Aluminum’s 38 series and 50 series.

Size And Openings

Size and openings are two more customization options for awning windows. Depending on your design, size can control the amount of light coming in. Taller or vertical windows allow for a brighter space. The kitchen and living room areas are the best rooms to install this awning window type. Taller or vertical windows are ideal for common spaces like the kitchen and living room areas. The wider or more horizontal type is usually installed in bathrooms for privacy.

Awning windows typically have single-panel or multi-panel configurations, allowing for different ventilation options. Understanding these details maximizes airflow, particularly beneficial in the summer.

Hardware And Accessories

Hardware And Accessories

Adding accents to your window units can bring the room together. You can use hardware to fuse the element designs better. Hardware parts like the arm or handle and hinges can be customizable. A few finishes you can consider are brass, copper, chrome, and bronze.

You can also choose the type of window handle or arm. For projects that want a more straight-lined look, an arm like a crank handle may be too bulky. A thin single arm or a lever-style handle may be preferred to achieve the look.

AMC Aluminum’s Zedler and Riley multi-lock handles enhance the safety and security of your space.


Glaze refers to the glass in your window unit. It also influences the energy efficiency of your room. This is because it is the number of glass sheets.

There are three types of glaze. They are the single, double, and triple glaze types. A single-glazed window is usually seen in older properties. They are the least energy-efficient out of the three. A double-glazed window is the most common type. It makes your space more insulated because it has two glass sheets in your window unit. The triple-glazed window is the most expensive. It is the ideal window for properties in colder climates.

Flyscreen Type

Screens are essential in Filipino homes as they keep insects out while allowing fresh air to circulate. They also protect from pollen, dust, and other particles, while filtering harsh sunlight to create a comfortable ambiance indoors.

To optimize this feature in your awning windows, consider the following variations of flyscreens available:

  • Fiberglass mesh: This is the most common type seen in most homes. It does not rust or stain easily, especially in hot and humid areas.
  • Stainless steel mesh: This is made out of a strong material. It is mostly used as a security screen.
  • Aluminum mesh: This fly screen type can withstand harsh weather conditions. Plus, they are more heavy-duty.

Key Takeaway

At AMC Aluminum, we understand the importance of meeting your specific needs and preferences. We offer a diverse range of awning windows for your project.

Our commitment lies in delivering durable and versatile window and door solutions that enhance the quality of your property. Reach out to us today to discuss the perfect awning window for your home!

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