How to Secure Your Aluminum Windows

December 21, 2022

How can you secure your aluminum windows?

  1. Choose windows made of strong materials.
  2. Secure your window locks.
  3. Invest in window alarms or home security systems.
  4. Opt for tinted windows.
  5. Install bars or screens.

Safety is vital in any kind of home. We want to live in a place where we are secure, and when your home isn’t safe, it doesn’t feel like home at all.

Unfortunately, homes are also ideal places for burglars or thieves to break into, because they know we store valuables at home. In the case of house robberies, windows are key entry points because they aren’t always locked, guarded, or paid attention to.

This is why you should secure your windows from outsiders and protect your home as well as the people who live in it. Here are our tips on how to secure aluminum windows.

Choose windows made of strong materials

Choose windows made of strong materials

Before you even invest in your house, you likely already have safety in mind. You want to make sure your windows are made of durable materials, especially since glass on its own can be quite breakable.

To this day, many kinds of materials are used for window frames including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and composites. Among these, aluminum window frames are among the best-rated in terms of security because they don’t crack as easily as vinyl, and they can’t be cut or sawn like wood.

At AMC Aluminum—the top aluminum profile supplier in the Philippines—we take pride in our aluminum windows, which are tried and tested to be very hard to break. Double-glazed and durable, these windows will stand the test of time not just against the outdoor elements, but burglars and thieves as well.

Secure your window locks

Depending on your window, some locks may be better for you than others. The best course of action is to approach an expert and ask for their opinion. Generally speaking, the more robust your lock is, the less likely it will break, but that doesn’t always guarantee you won’t get a break-in. The lock may not break, but your pane or window frame can still shatter, after all.

Browse our aluminum accessories to find some high-quality window locks that will hold their own against potential break-ins. We currently have two types of locks available for your consideration: Flush Locks in Black, White, and Anodized colors, or Center Locks in White, Brown, Black, and Anodized colors. Talk to one of our representatives to know which type works best for your window.

Invest in window alarms or home security systems

These days, technology has made it even harder for thieves or burglars to break into homes, so take advantage of what’s available. Consider window or door alarms, CCTV security, or other home security systems and accessories to make sure only the people you want to enter are allowed in your house.

There are three kinds of window alarm sensors, and they identify different things: contact, motion, and glass breakage. Any of these could be a good fit for your home, but again, it depends on the kind of window as well as the kind of setup you have in your house. For example, if you have a pet that likes to move around while you sleep, it might trip the contact sensor on your window alarm and wake you up at night.

CCTV security, on the other hand, keeps track of the ins and outs of your home and allows you to see practically everything that happens in and outside. Additionally, if potential thieves and burglars see that you have a surveillance system set up, they’ll be warier about even attempting to rob you.

There are also many other security systems available, ranging from alarms to detectors to all-in-one intelligent systems. If you’re not too fond of any of those, you can even get a dog to guard your home!

Opt for tinted windows

The fewer valuables you show to the public, the less temptation there will be for burglars from the outside looking in. So as long as you don’t mind dimmed windows, you can always have the glass tinted.

Or, for another option, you can go for more attractive stucco on your windows instead. We have stucco available in Brown, White, and Anodized on our Aluminum Accessories page—feel free to check those out or contact us for a quote.

Install bars or screens

Install bars or screens

Finally, not many people want to install metal bars or screens outside their windows these days since it takes away from the aesthetically-pleasing view, but it’s still worth a mention in this list because it does, in fact, keep a lot of unwanted people out.

As an added safety precaution, bars and screens also protect small children and pets from falling out of the windows in case the panes break.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining the safety of your home is vital, and securing windows is a big part of that. In this article, we’ve discussed how to secure aluminum windows, so don’t fret! 

If you need more tips for your aluminum windows, accessories, coats, or products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be glad to lend a hand with any of your aluminum needs!

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