5 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Sliding Windows in the Philippines

October 17, 2022

What are the heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows in the Philippines?

  1. Cargill
  2. Porter
  3. Zedler
  4. BS600 Series
  5. 900 Series

Aluminum sliding windows are a good investment these days. They have great benefits since they’re made from aluminum, and are designed to be long-lasting and energy-efficient. 

Whether you need them for your home or commercial needs, be sure to pick the heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows in the Philippines to increase the value of your facility that requires aluminum sliding windows. 

Let’s read on to see why it’s best to purchase heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows from AMC Aluminum — the leading aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines — and what products we offer. 

Heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows from AMC Aluminum

Heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows from AMC Aluminum

As the top aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines for residential and commercial projects in the country, we have several heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows for sale. Each one offers different features — scroll down to know more about our first-rate sliding windows!


Proudly made in the Philippines, our Cargill is easy to assemble as one, two, and three. This innovative sliding window, made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frames, and powder-coated in a wood finish. This is a good investment with its premium high-end design which is ideal for house or commercial applications! No need to worry about extreme weather conditions because it is made with exceptional strength.


Level up your windows with Porter. This sliding window has a great style and offers many benefits such as space savings, improved aesthetics that your home or office needs, and is easy to use.

For residential projects, the Porter is the top choice! It looks simple yet modern thanks to its powder-coated white finish. Our heavy-duty Porter windows are also easy to assemble. It comes with a corner connector, anti-crash block, anti-theft block, center lock, and other essential window parts that you need for full protection.


If you want an aluminum sliding window that can give your home, office, or commercial building the security and aesthetic design that it needs, then our Zedler windows are the choice for you. It has an excellent and highly modern awning design, and an attractive matte black finish. It also has a corner connector, stay stopper bar, friction stay, striker, and transmission rod that makes it a high-quality aluminum sliding window.

BS600 Series

BS600 Series has premium features that are ideal for those who want to level up the look of any space. It offers heavy-duty rolls in both directions. Additionally, it has a special block-type locking system for protection and security. 

The good news is that this is the ideal aluminum sliding window for minimalist or aesthetic spaces that many industries want for rooms such as your living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more. 

900 Series

If we’re looking at larger homes, or commercial spaces, our very own 900 Series is a great choice. They provide bigger profiles for larger window designs. It also includes a multi-point locking mechanism and multi-wheel rollers for additional efficiency. This is proudly made in the Philippines by AMC Aluminum.

Benefits of heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows from AMC Aluminum

Benefits of heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows from AMC Aluminum

As the best aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines, we offer state-of-the-art and high-quality aluminum sliding windows. Each one that we offer provides many benefits to our customers, including:

Better lighting and air conditions

Aluminum sliding windows can easily make your room naturally appealing and comfortable, thanks to their ability to let in plenty of airflows and natural light. Whether you’re using aluminum sliding windows for home or commercial needs, these benefits will surely be a great help to improve your space needs.


Our aluminum sliding windows are 100% recyclable and have no toxic materials leaving a low environmental impact and ecological footprint. With that being said, our sliding window products are completely safe to use and handle.

Suitable for all types of design

With the intensive manufacture of our aluminum sliding windows, they can easily meet the design you need for your project while keeping all the benefits that our aluminum windows are known for. We also offer several customization options, such as powder-coating finishes, to elevate the look of the window, or to meet your custom color needs. 


What sets our aluminum sliding windows apart from other frames is that they can last up to 30 years when properly cared for. They are less likely to warp or rot and have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them harder to dent.


It is a misconception by many that wooden windows are cheaper than aluminum sliding windows, but it’s false. Our products are significantly more affordable than other window types and are very durable — which means you get more out of your investment in the long run. 

Furthermore, our windows are all energy-efficient, thanks to their double-glazed window panes and their tight and seamless window frame construction. When you install these windows in your building, you can also save plenty on your electricity bills in the months to come. 

Key Takeaway

This blog shows all the different types of heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows in the Philippines that we at AMC Aluminum have to offer. While their features may differ, they all offer great benefits for your home or building.

When you partner with AMC Aluminum as your aluminum manufacturer in the Philippines, you are guaranteed to receive the best of the best products and services!

Are you interested in heavy-duty aluminum sliding windows and other aluminum products such as accessories, doors, windows, and more? Contact AMC Aluminum today or visit our website to see them for yourself.