8 Advantages of Costa Series Sliding Window

January 31, 2023

What are the advantages of the Costa Series sliding windows?

  1. Easy to assemble and operate
  2. Durable
  3. Easy to clean and maintain
  4. Powder-coated finish
  5. High strength-to-weight ratio
  6. High insulation
  7. Minimalist design
  8. Economical and eco-friendly

Among our available aluminum powder-coated sliding windows, the Costa Series is a crowd-pleaser for its minimalist design and high strength even with its 1mm profile thickness, but that’s not all this sleek and elegant window has to offer. Ideal for those who want a simple design but long-lasting high quality, the Costa Series sliding window has many qualities present in our other aluminum profiles, plus a few unique ones. Here are the advantages of the Costa Series sliding windows.

Easy to assemble and operate

Easy to assemble and operate

Designed to facilitate ease of function without any added complications, the Costa Series sliding windows are very easy to assemble and even smoother to operate. With the appropriate parts and an expert on hand, they can be assembled in just minutes. and they are built to last a long, long time.


Well-made aluminum windows and doors are made to last for decades. Our Costa Series windows utilize raw materials and technology that are both proudly Filipino and world-class in quality, ensuring that they don’t break or fall apart easily.

Aluminum is also known for its ability to weather most if not all elements, so any kind of weather won’t be able to damage your windows. The Jalucoat used to cover our windows is locally designed and specifically tailored to the Philippine climate, so you can rest assured that it won’t be prone to damage with time.

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy to clean and maintain

The Costa Series sliding windows are easy to maintain, often needing only a quick wipe or light dusting every few months. As a material, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and doesn’t rust, making it even more low-maintenance, and our windows maximize those properties to ensure our windows retain their high quality.

Powder-coated finish

Powder-coated aluminum windows are the ideal choice for many homeowners and for good reason. AMC’s Jalucoat has consistent thickness and color and is proudly Flipino-made and meant to withstand the Philippine weather.

Compared to the process used to color UPVC frames, the heating process involved in powder-coating aluminum is much more reliable. It doesn’t tarnish or come off and retains its color over time. The process even allows for a wide array of possible colors to match your home’s theme and color scheme.

High strength-to-weight ratio

High strength-to-weight ratio

Aluminum windows are naturally strong despite being very lightweight, and the Costa Series is no different. This is because aluminum itself has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing aluminum windows to have more glass surface area and thinner frames, securing more visibility in the process.

High insulation

Because aluminum windows retain heat very well, it doesn’t take as much energy to heat or cool down a room with the Costa Series windows. The added visibility also allows more light into your home, building, or establishment. This allows you to shed light on darker parts of a room, save up on electricity costs for lighting, and better appreciate the indoor and outdoor views.

Minimalist design

Beyond being perfect for modern houses and buildings, the Costa series windows are also simple in their design. This makes them ideal for homes where they can blend with the aesthetic, like modern homes with sleek lines and limited color diversity.

Not only do they work for modern homes, but they also look good on industrial buildings and offices. We’ve seen a rising trend in the direction of aluminum windows over the years and the Costa series, along with our other aluminum window offers, is our answer to the growing demand.

Economical and eco-friendly

Aluminum windows are remarkably cheap because they last long, don’t require frequent repairs, and are not prone to damage over time. The Costa Series is additionally cost-effective because of its simplicity, for it doesn’t require too much assembly and can be installed very quickly.

Aluminum is also a natural resource, making it a sustainable material. It’s one of the easiest materials to recycle and has natural energy-saving properties, all of which make it one of the best construction materials for the environment.

Key Takeaway

We’ve discussed the advantages of the Costa Series sliding windows, and we hope this article helped influence your decision towards choosing the Costa Series for your next building or construction project.

Now that you’ve read about the Costa series why not check out the some of top aluminum windows in the Philippines from AMC Aluminum? We incorporate state-of-the-art engineering and the latest technology to produce some of the finest and most versatile sliding windows in the country.

So, work with us for your next project. We look forward to discussing with you how AMC Aluminum can help with your needs. Contact us here for a quote or if you have any questions or concerns.